San Francisco Studio School of Drawing, Painting, Photography & Mixed Media

Painting, Drawing & Mixed Media Workshops: Summer 2014

"Encountering the Figure"
Tuesdays, 6PM to 9:30PM

July 8th to August 12th
Tuition: $625 (includes model fees)

Deposit (non-refundable): $325 due July 1st.
Remaining tuition of $300 due July 29th.

To register for this class, call 415-398-4300 or email

No ordinary “figure sketch class,” these six evening, instructor-led sessions, experiment with the creation of major, stand-alone drawings based on the figure. We will produce expressive studies and finished pieces in varied scale and approach. Presentations plus single and group critiques will offer creative insight and inspirational context. Topics include individual intent, gesture, pictorial space and the use of different media. Varied levels of experience welcome. Models will be present each session.

"The Art of Collage"
3-Day Workshop
10:30AM to 4:30PM

July 11th to 13th
Tuition: $375

To register for this workshop, call 415-398-4300 or email

Collage unifies fragments of color, images and texture into a cohesive visual whole. This three-day workshop is a hands-on exploration of the qualities that make collage a powerful form of art. We will explore the reassembly of materials, colors, textures and imagery that make collaging a remarkable process. Both the origins of collage and technical matters will be presented. This workshop is designed specifically to bring depth to each individual’s personal relationship with this poetic medium.

"Painterly Painting"
3-Day Workshop

July 25th to 27th
10:30AM to 4:30PM
Tuition: $375

To register for this workshop, call 415-398-4300 or email

This workshop explores the expressive potential of the artist’s touch. We will encounter the authoritative use of brush and painting knife, working wet into wet, and with impasto and subtractive paint application. Individualistic brushwork and clean color in direct painting will be explored. Working from both imagination and subject matter we will investigate the relationship of the observed and the inspired in paint handling. Different materials will be discussed and we will work in varying formats.

"Landscape Into Art"
4-Day Workshop

August 7th to 10th
10AM to 5PM
Tuition: $475

To register for this workshop, call 415-398-4300 or email

Four days of on-location work provide inspirational painting opportunities, including broad vistas, lake or ocean views and intimate settings. Exercises, ongoing critique, readings and shared lunchtime discussions will maintain the hands-on pace of this exciting workshop. Explorations of light, color, form, time of day and imagery will be emphasized. Participant’s individual vision and fresh approaches to landscape will provide original perspectives and new context for landscape painting today.

"Pastel as an Expressive Medium"
2-Day Workshop
10:30AM to 4:30PM

August 16th and 17th
Tuition: $275

To register for this workshop, call 415-398-4300 or email

Pastel is among the most direct of mediums, offering immediacy of color and individuality of touch, texture, and expression. This informative and highly motivating workshop explores the use of pastel to create atmosphere, space and visual harmonies in relation to dynamics of mass, gesture, and personal vision. Materials and techniques will be explored, and participants will have an opportunity to define their own goals while sharing in a series of interrelated exercise and experiments.

Full-tuition scholarships are available for students between 18-30.
Please click here for more information on the "Fritz Eager Scholarships" for summer workshops.

The teaching philosophy at the SF Studio School engages students on an individual basis allowing for all levels of experience.

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SFSS students engage the potential of form, color and imagery in both painting, drawing and mixed media.

Painting and drawing classes combine hands-on studio work, lecture, discussion, and relevant theory and technique to further the student's involvement in the medium.

The SFSS curriculum includes working from the landscape within the Bay Area offering motifs from ocean views to mountain vistas.