San Francisco Studio School of Drawing, Painting, Photography & Mixed Media

Painting, Drawing & Mixed Media Classes: Winter 2014

The SFSS Studio Program
"Drawing, Painting & Mixed Media"

12-weeks: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 10AM to 5PM
January 28th to April 17th
Tuition: $3250 (includes 24/7 facility access)

The SFSS Studio Program is a stimulating, comprehensive opportunity for students and emerging artists who are seeking continuity and immersion in their work. The curriculum offers a combination of hands-on studio work, lecture, discussion, theory and technique equivalent to a graduate program. Form, color and approaches to imagery are taught in terms of drawing, painting and/or mixed media. Critical studies including art movements and masters of the past are engaged while searching out an authentic and contemporary personal vision. The program is limited in size and all subjects are studied in support of the individual student’s pursuit. The SFSS Studio Program has qualities related to an artist’s residency in that the concentration is on the development of the participant’s work specifically.

Tuesdays 10AM to 5PM: Studio art theory and application – the nature of creativity, color, drawing and composition are explored, demonstrated and applied. 

Thursdays 10 AM to 5PM: Students concentrate on in-depth issues related to the development of their individual work in an atmosphere comparable to a graduate program.

Studio Art Practice
"Drawing, Color & Composition"

12 weeks: Tuesdays, 10AM to 5PM
January 28th to April 15th
Tuition: $1625

Students wanting an accessible, exploratory approach to studio art will find this one-day a week class motivating and directly beneficial. Students can expect to gain a solid understanding of the relationship and potentials of drawing, color and composition experienced through their individual sensibility. The class provides a structure that integrates both the expressive and technical aspects of visual art in an engaging manner.

Participants in Studio Art Practice work alongside students in the SFSS Studio Program, which provides the benefit of a stimulating context and a sense of broader relevance. Materials will include wet and dry media. A supply list will be provided at registration.

Independent Study
"Drawing, Painting & Mixed Media"

12 weeks
Online & Onsite
Tuition: $1500

Independent Study is comprised of previous students at the school. A unique joining of onsite and online frameworks provides both local and long-distance students an on-going dialogue about their work and the crucial issues regarding its development. Students in diverse locations such as San Francisco, New York and Israel have participated. Faculty approval required.

The teaching philosophy at the SF Studio School engages students on an individual basis allowing for all levels of experience.

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SFSS students engage the potential of form, color and imagery in both painting, drawing and mixed media.

Painting and drawing classes combine hands-on studio work, lecture, discussion, and relevant theory and technique to further the student's involvement in the medium.

The SFSS curriculum includes working from the landscape within the Bay Area offering motifs from ocean views to mountain vistas.