San Francisco Studio School of Drawing, Painting, Photography & Mixed Media

Photography Classes: Winter 2014

The SFSS Photography Seminar
"Hands-on Development of Individual Projects"

12 weeks, Tuesdays, 6:30 to 9:30PM
January 28th to April 17th
Tuition: $725

The Photography Seminar is hands-on, and meets one evening a week for a 3-hour evening session with ongoing photographing between sessions. Each participant pursues a project of his or her choosing. Course content is comprised of continuing in-depth reviews of the participants' work throughout the semester, slide shows, readings, and discussions. Photographic content, editing, and formal considerations are explored and applied according to the character of the work.

Projects have included explorations of color and form, photo essays, book projects, and the ongoing search for relevant and personal subject matter. The context for these efforts is both the theory of photography and technical support.

Photography Study Online
"Photographing, Discussion & Critique"

6 Sessions
March 4th - April 8th
Tuition: $575

Photography is particularly conducive to long distance study when relevantly structured for the individual participant. For students living in other areas of the country as well as international students, online photography study permits the student to engage the principles taught at the school while gaining support in the development of their work.

The teaching philosophy at the SF Studio School engages students on an individual basis allowing for all levels of experience.

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Each participant is supported in his or her particular involvement and according to his experience.