San Francisco Studio School of Drawing, Painting, Photography & Mixed Media

The SFSS Student

Individualized Study

Students at the San Francisco Studio School are seeking an alternate to MFA study, are dedicated students at the undergraduate level, or are students re-committing themselves to a deep involvement with art. SFSS students have different international and cultural backgrounds as well as a variety of art school or other experience.

Seriousness of purpose and eagerness to engage the school's program are defining criteria. The school is a forum for interchange, the creation of art and a meaningful exploration of individual vision. Attention is devoted to the study of art rather than the preparation of a market-driven art product or career making.

While students often have part time jobs and other obligations, consistent work in relation to their studies is necessary to make progress. With this in mind, each student's weekly schedule is customized to the degree possible while still ensuring significant depth in his/her studies.

Students attending degree-granting programs at either the undergraduate or graduate level can participate in SFSS Fall or Winter programs for credit at their home institution. Contact for more information.

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The curriculum at the San Francisco Studio School is focused on a meaningful encounter with the study of visual art. Therefore qualifications to the school is a highly individual one. If a student is drawn to the school's philosophy and program and is willing to commit to serious study, he or she is encouraged to inquire further or apply.

What Students Can Expect

SFSS is unique. The facility -- a large beautifully lit studio, a bright seminar room, painting racks and a kitchenette so students can prepare lunches and dinners symbolize the premise for the school. It is a place for work, for discourse and for continuity of effort. That is why the facility is open to Studio Program students 24/7.

The student is respected as an active participant in his or her study. Each semester is structured around a theme and that theme is made relevant to every studentʼs individual involvement. Students learn from each other as well as from the multiple levels of the curriculum and faculty. Workshops and other activities create opportunites for a variety of experience.

Past students have won awards, had one-person shows, published books and been represented in museums. But that has been the result of their study, not the purpose of it. What students at SFSS can expect is a strong commitment to their development as visual artists, a well-stuctured course of study, and a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to sharing their commitment and excellence in their work.

Call 415-398-4300 or email for more information.