Online Classes

"Independent Study"
Painting, Drawing, Photography and Mixed Media
Tuition: $1250, payable in two installments
Experience Level: Intermediate to Advanced



Online Independent Study is available for students or emerging artists involved with projects that will benefit from continuing individual dialogue about their art and their intent as artists. Independent Study can cover far-ranging subjects from individual aesthetics to technical matters and is entirely tailored to the student’s needs in terms of content.

Once registration is completed, the instructor and student jointly define a general direction for the semester. Images of the student’s work are uploaded to the forum, which is divided into weekly sections. Topics are investigated as appropriate to the individual and images of continuing work are discussed along with other visual art appropriate to the conversation.

The goal for Independent Study is depth of experience, a highly individualized discourse, and insight regarding the student’s art and creative process. Originally created for long-distance study, online Independent Study now also includes local students who for various reasons find the format most helpful to their ongoing work process and are unable to attend onsite courses. Online study is conducted by the Director of the school or the Dean and as a result the resources available to the student through this program are considerable.

New students are encouraged to email the school to confirm that online Independent Study is well-suited to their interests and experience.




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