The San Francisco Studio School is dedicated to the study and practice of the visual studio arts. It offers courses, workshops, seminars, as well as an online program in drawing, painting, photography and mixed media. Both art students and emerging artists are supported.  Semester and workshop offerings are held at Fort Mason Center.

Onsite Classes

San Francisco Studio School Curriculum SF Studio School classes are developed around each student’s interests in drawing, painting, photography or mixed media. Diverse techniques are taught as participants concentrate on individual forms of expression. Topics include representation, abstraction, the relationRead more

Online Study

Online Study has been an integral aspect of the SFSS curriculum since 2011.  Current and former students from as diverse locations as Israel, China, Taiwan, South Africa as well as both coasts of the U.S., have contributed diversity and depthRead more


Summer 2017: SFSS workshops are held throughout the year to offer artists and students concentrated study of specific subjects related to the visual arts. Highly thought of, the workshops provide greater access to the school’s programs and philosophy.  Topics rangeRead more