Online Independent Study

Dates: On-going: 8 or 10 week study to be determined by instructor based on student goals.
Levels: All levels of experience
Media: Painting, Photography, Mixed Media, Photomontage, Pastel, Drawing or other two-dimensional mediums
Tuition (non-refundable): $1250/10 weeks or $1000/8 weeks.
Tuition is payable in two installments.



Online Independent Study is available for students or emerging artists that will benefit from continuing individual dialogue about their art and their intent as artists. Independent Study can cover far-ranging subjects from individual aesthetics to technical matters and is entirely tailored to the student’s needs in terms of content.

Upon enrollment, the instructor and student jointly define a general direction for the semester. Images of the student’s work are uploaded into weekly forums for discussion. Topics are investigated as appropriate to the individual and examples of other artists' work are explored as relevant to the conversation.

The goal for Independent Study is depth of experience, a highly individualized dialogue, and insight into both the student’s art and creative process. Originally created for long-distance study, local students find the format substantive and convenient to their ongoing work process. Independent Study is conducted by the Director or Dean of the school.

Interested students are encouraged to email the school to discuss whether Online Independent Study is well-suited to their interests.

Email to enroll or call 415-398-4300 for more information.

SFSS online courses are user-friendly and easy to navigate. Students usually check in several times weekly at their convenience. Each student has a password to access the online course platform at any time to review content, make comments, ask questions and upload work. Technical help is available if needed.


What is a Project?

The dictionary says a project is “an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim.” That gives us a start, but it doesn’t describe the curiosity, creativity, cohesion, or the ultimate clarity a project can offer a visual artist...Click to read more. 

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