The Artist & The Artist’s Statement

Dates: October 30th to December 10th, 2019
Instructor: Lon Clark
Levels: All levels of experience
Media: Painting, Photography, Mixed Media, Photomontage, Pastel, Drawing, or other two-dimensional mediums
Tuition: $600 due October 25th, 2019
Cancellation Policy: Tuition is fully refundable up to 7 days prior to course start date. After the 7 day period, tuition is non-refundable.
Enrollment Limited. Register Here.



Over the six weeks of this course, students will draft and revise their own artist's statements. We will discuss participants’ work and intent and define each person's interest in concept, medium, and subject matter. Examples of statements by influential painters, photographers, and mixed media artists will be reviewed. We will also consider the audiences for artists' statements and the different purposes for which they may be needed. By the end of the course, students will have completed relevant, well-crafted versions of short and long artist's statements expressing their individual involvement with art.

The online environment is uniquely suited to this course. Enrollment will be limited to three to five students ensuring each person ample opportunity to define and refine concepts in relation to his/her work. Students should plan to upload five images of their work for the first class.

Email to enroll or call 415-398-4300 for more information. To register for this course, click here.

Please note: While we will repeatedly be reviewing work throughout the course apropos of individual artist statements, this is not a generalized critique course. Students primarily interested in developing or refining a body of work should consider an Online Independent Study.

SFSS online courses are user-friendly and easy to navigate. Students usually check in several times weekly at their convenience. The instructor works directly with individuals as well as with the group as a whole. Six weekly modules will include both structured and variable content. Each student has a password to access the course platform at any time to review content, make comments, ask questions, and upload work. Technical help is available if needed.


What is an Artist's Statement?

An artist’s statement is fundamental to an artist's involvement in the art world. Examples include showing work as well as applying for grants and residencies. Writing an artist's statement requires a delicate balance of content and writing skill, and the process often provides surprising insights to the artist him/herself.